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EK-Vardar EVO 140ER D-RGB (400-1600 rpm)

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Ventole 140 mmAir CoolingVentole

EK-Vardar EVO 140ER D-RGB è una ventola ad alta pressione statica ideale per il raffreddamento di personal computer. E' dotata di un sistema a doppi cuscinetti a sfera (Dual-Ball bearing) e di funzione Start-Stop per ridurre completamente le emissioni acustiche quando il sistema non richiede dissipzione. Attorno al motore sono inoltre disposti 9 LED D-RGB tipo indirizzabilie (5V) per illuminazione ed effetti luminosi.

EK-Vardar D-RGB

EK-Vardar RGB connectivity

Il connettore utilizzato  è di tipo standard a 3 pin 5V. Si raccomanda di collegare il connettore prestando attenzione ad allineare la freccia presente con il pin corrispondente a +5V oppure alla medesima freccia generalmente presente su splitter e adattatori.

Altre caratteristiche:

The Vardar family of cooling fans carries the notorious name of a type of the cold northwesterly wind blowing from the mountains down to the valleys of Macedonia. It is a type of ravine wind, enhanced by a channeling effect while blowing down through the Moravia-Vardar gap, bringing cold conditions from the north to the Thessaloniki area of Greece. Most frequent during winter, it is blowing in the rear of a depression when atmospheric pressure over eastern Europe is higher than over the Aegean Sea. 

Other key characteristics of the EK-Vardar EVO 140ER D-RGB fan are:

  • High-static pressure / low noise profile – unlike other general-purpose computer cooling fans, the EK-Vardar EVO 140ER D-RGB fan is built specifically for computer liquid cooling systems, namely radiator cooling. The Vardar’s design and construction are also very suitable for high-performance air coolers or as case fans for restrictive cases with dust filters.
  • High-quality motor and bearing assembly – New electrical design, actively cooled motor windings and the Dual-Ball bearing with 50.000 hours of lifespan (MTBF) ensures uninterrupted operation for years to come. Precise Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for fan speed adjustment allows performance on demand.
  • Sealed-edge fan casing – The classic, yet the effective square shape of the fan casing provides optimal performance in either pull- (suction) or push (pressure) regime without hydraulic losses thus ensuring the optimal cooling capacity of your liquid cooling radiators. The classic shape of the fan frame also allows easy cable routing while grouping more fans on one radiator.
  • Timeless design – The EK-Vardar EVO 140ER D-RGB fan with its simple square frame fits into any liquid cooling computer without drawing too much attention to itself.
  • Standard RGB connection – The Vardar D-RGB does not require any fancy and expensive additional controller for you to enjoy vibrant lighting effects. A simple 3-pin 5V addressable D-RGB connection for standard controllers or any popular D-RGB (ARGB) sync technology from major motherboard manufacturers.
  • 0db regime - EK-Vardar EVO features a unique Start-Stop function which ensures the user a true 0db noise environment. When the fan curve is set with the minimum threshold point below 25-30% PWM duty cycle (depending on the motherboard model), the motor and the electronics will turn off and the fan will simply stop spinning. EK-Vardar EVO restarts operation automatically as fan control ramps up its operational duty cycle past threshold start-stop point. This feature is very useful for preventing radiator dust buildup in idling PCs and to prolong the lifecycle of the fan itself.
  • Slim black cables - The Vardar RGB fan features simple slim black cables with no additional cable sleeving. This will enable easier cable routing and much less cable clutter.  

Specifiche meccaniche ed elettriche

- Velocità massima: 1600 rpm (+/- 10%)
- Voltaggio: 12V DC
- Assorbimento: 1.57W
- Assorbimento LED: ~2.4W (0.2A)
- PWM Duty Cycle: 25-100% - ER (Extended Range)
- Connettore: 4-pin PWM header
- Cuscinetti: Dual-Ball bearing
- Durata cuscinetti: 50.000 hrs @ 40°C (MTBF)
- Dimensioni: 140 x 140 x 25 mm
- Lunghezza cavi: 50cm
- Connettore RGB: classico 3-pin (5V+, Data, Assente, Ground)


- Portata aria: 84 CFM = 143 m³/h
- Pressione statica: 1.90mm H2O = 18.6 Pa
- Lunghezza cavo sleevata: 230 mm
- Rumorosità: 31.6 dBA


The scope of delivery:
- EK-Vardar EVO 140ER D-RGB 140mm fan
- self-tapping screws (4 pcs)

Designed and engineered by EK Water Blocks in Slovenia - Europe
Made in China

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